Next Level Church Coaching offers personalized coaching for pastors along with their church leadership team. This coaching brings focus to the church as a whole, through consulting and coaching of the pastor and church leadership. Next Level Church Coaching will help churches identify their unique mission, build systems, promote health, and accomplish church goals. Coaches utilizes the Leadership Development Resources (LDR) Church Development Process.  Commitment to Next Level Church Coaching is a minimum of 1 year (minimum of 4 sessions).  A second year (an additional minimum of 4 sessions) is available for churches that would like to continue in the process. Click here for coaching topic overview.

Who is this Next Level Church Coaching for?
Next Level Church Coaching is available to all churches in the Network. Pastors that desire to develop the vision in their church’s leadership team will find this a healthy environment for dialogue and encouragement.  Next Level Church Coaches equip pastors and church leadership to transition the local church from their current place of influence, to increased health and effectiveness within their community.  The results of these efforts bring resolve and practical solutions for increased effectiveness.

How do we connect with a Next Level Coach?
Dave Cole’s office facilitates Next Level Church Coaching. Any Network church or pastor may contact him or his assistant, Marianne, to begin the process and be paired with a coach. The church will need to complete an enrollment form and give it to Dave Cole’s office. After the Enrollment form is received, workbooks and MissionInsite reports will be sent to the Church and coach. Billing and administration will be handled by Dave Cole's office.
Click here to view a current list of trained Next Level Church Coaches

What does Next Level Church Coaching cost?
Costs associated with this include the cost of workbooks per participant, and a flat yearly fee based on average church attendance. Prices are available upon request. 

Contact:  Marianne Giberson, Dave Cole's Office