Personal Leadership Coaching is a wholistic approach to personal and leadership development. Coaching is not about giving the answers, but about helping people to align thoughts and words with actions - in every part of their life.

Once you take the pre-requisite coaching class, "Foundations for Christian Coaching (CAM 501)" you are invited to take any Personal Leadership Coaching class that we offer. You have the option of taking classes ala carte or you may join a NWMN Coaching Cohort for a more structured approach. All of our classes qualify you for coach certification with AG Coaching and the International Coach Federation.

Starting Point Coaching Cohort     Click Here to Register
Includes the following elements:

  • 2 Beginning Coaching Classes hosted on the NWMN Campus in Summer 2017: 
    • Foundations for Christian Coaching | CAM 501 --- July 18-19, 2017
    • Coaching Change, Transition, and Transformation | CAM 503 --- July 20-21, 2017
  • 3 Personal Coaching Sessions with a trained coach
  • 3 Mentor Coaching Sessions with an ICF certified coach
  • 20 hours of Peer Coaching
  • Monthly Group Chat with Cohort Leader, Amy deVries
  • Total Cost: $800

Advanced Coaching Cohort     Click Here to Register
Includes the following elements:

  • 2 Advanced Coaching Classes hosted online in a live webinar format 
    • The Coach Approach to Evangelism and Discipleship | CAM 508
    • The Coach Approach to Leading and Managing | CAM 510
  • 7 Mentor Coaching Hours
  • 20 hours of Peer Coaching
  • Monthly Group Chat with Cohort Leader, Amy deVries
  • Total Cost: $850


Foundations for Christian Coaching | CAM 501
This course provides the basic foundation for understanding and practicing coaching and is a prerequisite for any advanced coach training courses. Topics covered include: core coaching skills, coaching conversation model, the biblical basis for coaching, how coaching is distinct from counseling and mentoring, and how leaders can use coaching in their ministries or workplace. You will finish the course ready and able to use coaching at a basic level. 

If this is a class you are interested in, please contact Amy deVries.

Establishing Dynamic Relationships | CAM 502
What does it take to develop a strong, professional coaching relationship? It takes attention to the essentials and going beyond expectations. In CAM 502, we teach you to do just that. In this ICF-approved course, you will learn: ICF ethics and standards, how to help the person being coached to orient around areas of strengths and high performance patterns, the ingredients for a strong first session, and how to go beyond just the doing of coaching in order to really be a coach.      

Coaching Change, Transition, and Transformation | CAM 503
Coaching is all about change, but not all change is the same and coaches need to be able to support three types of change: proactive change, transitions, and deep transformation.

Coaching Teams | CAM 507
Coaching isn't just for individuals. It's also ideal for teams. In this course, you will gain an understanding of the difference between a team and other types of groups, learn how to develop authentic teams, learn the skills needed to coach teams, how to support teams in overcoming dysfunction, use team covenants, and create alliances.

The Coach Approach to Evangelism and Discipleship | CAM 508  
This course provides you the knowledge and skills necessary to apply coaching to faith conversations so you can use coaching to support people moving closer to God and deeper in their commitment to Christ. Attention is given to how a dialogical approach can be effective for evangelism and discipleship, how coaching can be expressed in the ministries of a local church, and the relationship between coaching competencies and Christian practices.


The Coach Approach to Leading and Managing | CAM 510
You know how to coach, and you know how to lead, but how do you incorporate coaching into your leadership? This course provides the knowledge and skill necessary for taking a coach approach to working with teams, managing direct reports/volunteers, and leading within a church or other organization.

"Coaching is a developed skill set that moves the individual in personal and professional life from current reality to desired outcome through a spirit-led intentional partnership." from AG Coaching