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   Practical Tools for the Christian Coach

 Coaching Momentum - Conversations
 A free quarterly conference call for coaches who wish to sharpen their coaching skills. Features a  15 minute brush-up on a coaching skill, a 20 minute coaching demo, and a 15 minute learning  conversation. Limited to the first 20 individuals who sign up. REGISTER HERE
Friday, March 17, 2017
9:00am - 10:00am Pacific Time

 Coaching Momentum - Book Review
 A free quarterly conference call for coaches who wish to sharpen their coaching skills. Each  Quarter we will all read the same coaching book. You will receive a list of questions to review in  preparation for the call. Limited to the first 8 people who sign up.   REGISTER HERE

Friday, April 14, 2017
9:00am - 10:00am Pacific Time
Next Book: Coach the Person, Not the Problem by Chad Hall


 Coaching Momentum - Webinars
We have changed the format of Coaching Momentum and are no longer doing bi-monthly webinars that feature a special guest; however, you can still access the previous editions below.
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Inspiring Personal Vison to Empower Change | March 2016 | Presented by Linda Hedberg | Practical steps for how to coach people through estabishing personal vision in order to empower needed or wanted change

The Coaching Pastor | January 2016 | Presented by Michael Pfau | A "Q & A" style conversation with an experienced coach and coach trainer in order to equip the coaching pastor with excellent coaching skills

Solution Focused Tools | November 2015 | Presented by Paul Hackett | Free resources for the coaching minister to establish and maintain a coaching culture

The Coach Approach to Small Group Leadership | July 2015 | Presented by Jane Creswell | How to recruit and train small group leaders in a manner that instills confidence

The Coach Approach to Pastoral Leadership | May 2015 | Presented by Bill Ellis | How a ministry leader can utitlize coaching skills to build consensus, improve team productivity and support, and become a transformative communicator

Coaching the Small Church Pastor | March 2015 | Presented by Michael Smith | Keys for coaching the small church pastor including common coaching topics, creating awareness, and using intuition

Coaching Missionaries | January 2015 | Presented by David Stanislaus | Potential topics and tools for coaching missionaries

Coaching Conflict | November 2014 | Presented by Brian Noble | Effective skills for coaching individuals through conflict resolution

Coaching Millennials | September 2014 | Presented by Annie Bailey | Keys to connecting with the Millennial Generation through coaching

Assessments: Fast-Forward Leader Development | July 2014 | Presented by Sam Farina | How to use assessments in coaching

The Heartbeat of Positive Change | May 2014 | Presented by Vicki Farina | How to use Appreciative Inquiry skills in coaching - especially in bringing about organizational change

Benefits of Coaching | March 2014 | Presented by Arden Adamson | How to build interest in coaching by asking questions that highlight the benefits of coaching

Spiritual Coaching | January 2014 | Presented by Daniel McNaughton | How to use coaching skills to move people closer to Christ