Developing an Outward-Focused Culture & Helping Churches Gain Traction

The propensity for any church to turn inward-focused poses a real threat to the mission. The longer an organization exists, the more energy, resources, time, and money are needed to care for the insiders. The solution to transitioning an inward-focused church culture into a life-giving outward-focused culture requires a number of strategies. The Cohort journey helps pastors and church leaders identify inward- focused tendencies and learn how to transition to an outward-focused culture.
Dates, Times & Location for 2016-2017:
Eastside (Spokane Area) Westside (Seattle Area)
9:30am – 4:00pm 9:30am – 4:00pm
Spokane Valley Assembly of God
15618 E Broadway Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99037
Northwest Ministry Network
35131 SE Douglas St. Ste. 200
Snoqulmie, WA 98065
      Session 1 - Friday, October 28
      Session 2 - Friday, December 2
      Session 3 - Thursday, February 16
      Session 4 - Friday, March 10
      Session 5 - Friday, April 7
      Session 6 - Friday, May 12
     Session 1 - Tuesday, November 1
     Session 2 - Tuesday, November 29
     Session 3 - Thursday, January 19
     Session 4 - Tuesday, March 7
     Session 5 - Tuesday, April 4
     Session 6 - Tuesday, May 2

Registration & Cost:
Register online now using the button below. The Outward Focused Network is for lead pastors & spouses, and church leadership teams.
Cost for lead pastor & spouse: $300.00
Cost to bring additional leadership team members (unlimited): $300.00

Help us prepare for you and register below before Oct 20 for the Eastside and Oct 25 for the Westside. 

The NWMN is offering a 50% discount for churches with average weekly attenance under 125. If you believe your church qualifies please use code OFN50 at checkout. Additional scholarships may be available by request.
2016-2017 syllabus:
  • Session 1Out of Focus - Defining inward focused characteristics and missional drift and clarity.
  • Session 2Developing Outward-Focused Theology - Study of Missio Dei, the Missionary God.
  • Session 3Examining Focus - Defining outward focused characteristics and assessing culture.
  • Session 4Implementing Cultural Transition - Continued cultural assessment and anchoring change in culture.
  • Session 5Lenses for Re-focus part one - Study cultural changes needed in Theology and Preaching, Vision Casting and Language.
  • Session 6Lenses for Re-focus part two - Discuss needed changes in Finances, Relationships, Staff, Public Gatherings, Assimilation, Prayer and Spiritual Empowerment.
Before the first session each participant should read "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek and bring a 2 page report on how the book challenged your thinking on being outward focused. The book can be purchased from most local book sellers and through online book retailers.

For Additional Information Contact: 
Marianne Giberson, Assistant to Dave Cole