One should never seek a ministerial credential with a self-serving motive, or the mistaken notion that having a credential will provide power or prestige. Proper motives include a desire for accountability and identification with a network that shares your core values and beliefs. Together, you can do more than you can alone, while finding protection and a sense of family and relationship with those who join you in God's mission.

Membership in the Assemblies of God is based on the principle of voluntary cooperative fellowship. Essentially, this means that your choice to partner with the Assemblies of God and Northwest Ministry Network is based upon a decision made prayerfully and carefully, in collaboration with others. Your willingness to align with us is voluntary, and should be based upon a sincere desire to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in doing so. As you voluntarily join our ministerial ranks, you agree to cooperate and participate in our network of ministers and churches in doing the mission of God. Thus the term, "voluntary cooperative fellowship." 



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