We believe it is possible to maintain biblical standards for ministry and marriage, while at the same time offering a compassionate response to those who are called into ministry yet have a divorce and remarriage in their background. Perhaps these circumstances occured before you came to Christ. Perhaps you entered into a marriage based upon fraudulent or deceptive circumstances, or a divorce occurred due to adultery or abandonment by your former spouse. In any case, these are painful circumstances that should not necessarily disqualify you from fulfilling God's call upon your life.

We welcome the opportunity to help you explore the possibilities of pursuing God's call. We will treat your application with the utmost respect and confidentiality. We will afford you the dignity of listening to your story and will serve you gladly in the process. If your situation qualifies for General Council Recognition, we will move forward to facilitate your credentialing process. Our Credentials Specialist will be happy to provide you with more information about your next steps in responding to God's call.

Questions? Contact Teresa Bates:
phone: (425) 888-4800