HonorBound Mission

HonorBound's NEW Vision for Men's Ministry

HonorBound: Men’s Ministries is advancing a new vision and a new approach to men’s ministry through the local church. To effectively minister to men, HonorBound has worked diligently to strengthen a local church’s ability to identify the needs of men in the church and community. Recently developed resource tools and strategies enable pastors and their men’s ministry teams to build an effective and enduring ministry to men. The focus of HonorBound has been to move men’s ministry from an event driven ministry to a process driven ministry; to leverage the momentum of events that foster meaningful life relationship and cause major growth changes in the lives of men. With the strategic focus of relationship, men are enrolled in the process of discipleship.

HonorBound has developed a number of resources and events to advance the discipleship process at the HonorBound web site.


HonorBound: Men’s Ministry is committed to seeing men grow in discipleship, in relationship to their pastors, and in ministry to the Body of Christ.