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Fusion Children's Ministry Book Series



Fusion: Children's Ministry Book 1: Theology, Leadership, Culture (Volume 1)

Fusion Children's Ministry is a collection of key ideas surrounding children and the Church. Book One of the series addresses theology, leadership, and environment as they relate to children's ministry. Read this alone or with your team. This book has some great ideas and challenging questions.

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Fusion: Children's Ministry Book Two: Family, Science, Strategy (Volume 2)

Fusion Children's Ministry is a collection of big ideas from expert kid pastors. Book Two of the series describes how your ministry can relate to family, science, and strategy in the local church. If you are a children's pastor, or work with kids, you need to check this book out. It is pack-full of great ideas and even better questions.

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 Fusion: Children's Ministry Book Three: Culture, Perspectives, Pastoral Ministry (Volume 3)

It's time to step up your children's ministry game! Dive in to Fusion: Children's Ministry and learn more about the culture, perspectives, and pastoral ministry surrounding the world of children and families. 

This book is an excellent tool for anyone involved in children's ministry and contains a series of big ideas to challenge you and your team. Don't read it alone! Each chapter presents a critical thought about children ministry and will help you become a better leader.

Don't think about ministry alone. Let the team behind Fusion: Children's Ministry partner with you and help you become the best children's pastor... in the world.

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Fusion Children's Leader Conference

When: November 8-10, 2018

   Where: Location TBD


Linsey Conlogue, Fusion Director