Northwest Youth Ministry Network


To develop a healthy youth ministry in every Pacific Northwest church by partnering with local leadership. 


1. Mentor Leaders by providing education and experience-based training in personal growth, integrity and servant-leadership.

2. Mobilize People by empowering and equipping them for ministry in the local church, community and world.

3. Model Ministry by demonstrating personal character, ministry excellence, and diverse strategies. 


1. Passion for Lost People

We fulfill the Great Commission by networking with the local church, providing leadership for campus ministry, organizing strategic mission trips, partnering financially with our career missionaries and being culturally relevant with students. 

2. Complement the Local Church

We encourage youth ministries to complement their local church by integrating with its unique purpose, core values and vision.

3. Facilitate Networking

We provide leadership events and forums that facilitate networking opportunities and urge leaders to share ministry resources.

4. Model Team Leadership

We model team leadership by involving youth pastors and leaders in their strengths and expertise.

5. Encourage Student Development

We encourage student development in spiritual growth, leadership training and ministry opportunities.