Teen Bible Quiz


What is Bible Quiz?
Bible Quiz is similar to quick-recall academic games. Two teams of three quizzers each face a series of twenty questions with varying difficulty. The first contestant to "buzz in" and answer the question correctly gains points for his or her team; if the contestant answers incorrectly, the team loses points.

Quizzers cover a different portion of the New Testament (New International Version) each season. The theme rotates every eight years and includes three of the four Gospels, the book of Acts, and various groups of the Epistles. Bible Quiz requires more than just the ability to recite Scripture. Players must also learn people and places mentioned and become familiar with exclamations, questions, parenthetical statements, Old Testament passages, and more.

Who can quiz?
Teens in grades seven through twelve who attend an Assemblies of God church may participate in Bible Quiz. (Some districts allow 6th graders.) Each team may have up to six members. Your church may have as many teams as you like.

Northwest District Bible Quiz Rules
The Northwest District will be competing in three divisions under the following guidelines:

Division A (formally A-1)
This division is the only division from which teams may qualify to advance in official competition to the Regional level. Thus it is open for experienced and non-experienced teams alike. All experienced teams are strongly encouraged to participate in this Division, not only for the rewards of growth and maturity for themselves, but in fair sportsmanship – allowing the lower division teams to establish their own quizzing level without having to compete against more-dominant teams.

Division B (formally A-2)
This division is for NEW teams or for teams with younger quizzers who wish to grow and develop competing against like-teams. These teams will not qualify to advance to Regional level. A team may compete during League as a B team and move up to the A level for League and District Finals. Teams with High School quizzers are encouraged, however, to step up to the A Division for fair sportsmanship – allowing the B division teams to establish their own quizzing level without having to compete against more-dominant and mature teams.

Division C NOVICE (formally B)
This division is for teams with young novice quizzers. These teams will not qualify to advance to Regional level. A team may compete during League as a C team and move up to either A or B level for League and District Finals. Quizzers must be in either the 7th or 8th grade. It is further recommended that quizzers be in their first year of quizzing without JBQ experience. If a quizzer is in the 8th grade, and has 1 year experience in Teen Bible Quiz and former experience in JBQ, they are strongly urged to compete in a higher level. Again this is for fair sportsmanship, unless their coach and Pastor have determined that a second year in this division would promote the quizzer’s growth and development without compromising fair sportsmanship with the other teams.
Per new National question-writing guidelines for this season, the Novice League questions, although easier than Experience League questions, will not have verse, chapter or study guide emphasis.

Other District Regulations: 

1.     Officials - Each Team participating in a League Meet MUST bring at least two qualified officials (see definition below). If a team brings only one qualified official, the Coach will be asked to officiate. If a team brings no qualified officials, the team will not be allowed to participate in the day’s quizzing. One exemption to this rule will be granted to a team during the League Schedule, if (1) the Coordinator is contacted 24 hours before the League Meet and (2) the Coach participates as an official. THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED THIS SEASON. When teams do not bring necessary officials, it is a detriment to both themselves and their opponents competing. Teams should also bring 1 quiz box in well-working order and 1 stopwatch. Definition of Two Qualified Officials – at least one official must have judging experience and be willing to serve as a judge, while the second official must have at minimum timekeeping / scorekeeping experience. Exception granted for NEW churches participating in the first two Leagues – they still must supply two people, but no experience necessary.

2.     Quizzers - Team Members may change from League Meet to League Meet, but Official Rosters must be sent in writing to the District Coordinator before League Finals. Teams may compete at different levels during the League Meets, and move up to a higher level for League Finals. However, teams or individuals dropping down a level in order to have a competitive advantage is strongly discouraged as poor sportsmanship.

3.     League Finals - If the District Coordinator determines that there are too many teams in the Northwest District’s leagues to conduct an efficient District Tournament, the Coordinator will establish an elimination method to be implemented at League Finals. Coaches will be consulted and advised at the 4th League Meet concerning this possibility.

4.     Advancement - Only teams participating in the A division at League Finals and District Finals may qualify to move on to Regional competition. Number of qualifying teams is established by the National office.

Bible Quiz Materials
National Bible Quiz Materials are normally listed and available in July preceding the next Bible Quiz Season. You can find links to these materials below or go directly through Gospel Publishing House.

Recommended Basic Materials to get a team started:

For the Quizzer-

  • Scripture Portion or Scripture Portion with Concordance.
  • Student Workbook
  • A/G Teen BQ Rules
  • Quote Cards (Optional, but highly recommended)

For the Coach -

  • Complete BQ Coach’s Manual
  • BQ Interviews (Excellent!)
  • A/G Teen BQ Rules
  • Practice Bundles (Question Sets)
  • Progressive Practice Sets (Question Sets)
  • Reproductive Score Sheets


Kevin Gallo