What is STL?

Speed the Light is a student-initiated ministry that provides transportation and communication equipment to missionaries across the nation and in over 180 countries around the world. Since the launch of STL over $150 million has been raised for missionaries around the world.

Speed the Light works because students across America are interested in seeing change. Their sacrificial offerings are transformed into equipment that allows missionaries to reach the lost. A steady flow of offerings assures a steady flow of equipment. 

For more information on how students are raising money for STL across the Nation visit www.stl.ag.org or to see countries around the world that are being touched my vehicles and equipment that have been funded by STL Click Here.

STL Needs

Each Network across our Nation supports a number of missionaries. Due to the fact that each missionary is reaching a different area, they have different needs. Northwest Youth works together to meet the needs of our missionaries. Each year we have a list of focus projects that collectively we work together to resource our missionaries.

Here is a list of our current focus projects:

Top Focus Projects for 2016

Nancy Valnes, Russia -European - $30,000

Jonathan Winter, Indonesia - $17,500

As these projects are completed, a new list will be added/updated so we can work together to meet their needs.

Completed Projects for 2016

Doug Myers, Ethiopia - $51,000

Alan Ambrose, Austria  - $30,300

Amy Dewitt, Sensitive Country - $40,000

Youth Speed the Light March Project List

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March 2016 Speed the Light Project List from the National Office

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