Chaplaincy Ministries

The face of chaplaincy in the Northwest Ministry Network is diverse and reaches into many areas of our society where the message of our Savior's love might otherwise not reach. NWMN chaplains serve law enforcement and fire personnel, the military, hospitals, jails, airports, corporations, and sporting events. Through the ministry of presence, the mission of the Church is carried out and the message of the Gospel is loved out as chaplains provide compassionate care to lost and hurting men and women in the trenches of life.

Visit the official AGUSM Chaplains site for more information and steps to becoming a chaplain.

Chaplaincy Director, Tim Greeley

Civil Air Patrol:

  • Dave Cole


  • Arthur Morlin
  • Donald Duncan, Jr
  • Jerome Bowers
  • John Barnes
  • Tommy Ellis


  • J. Paul Taylor
  • Kenneth Kincaid
  • Scott Langager


  • Dave Causey
  • Jammie Bigbey
  • Miles Brown
  • Tony Luxem
  • William Barefield

Motor Ministry:

  • Alan Bulger
  • Tim Greeley

Police and Fire:

  • Adam June
  • Alvie Robbins
  • Andrew Pursley
  • David Flowerdew
  • Glen Davenport
  • Joel Johnson
  • Lyle Prather
  • Lynn White
  • Patrick Hogan
  • Paul Ellis
  • R. Dean Jenkin
  • Tyler Daniels


  • Alan Bulger
  • Howard Hoskins
  • Tim Greeley