ECFA | Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability

Applying a higher standard, serving a higher purpose.

As an organization committed to serving and honoring Jesus Christ, we have promised to operate in a manner reflecting integrity, honesty, excellence, and faithful stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.  This has been our pledge to friends and supporters like you.  However, we know our pledge can only take on credibility when it is fortified by our actions.  We want to provide ourselves faithful to our promises.  This is why the ECFA seal means so much to us – and you.

ECFA (the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) was founded in 1979 to help ensure the integrity of Christ-centered organizations that are qualified for nonprofit, tax-exempt status.  Today, nearly 1,100 Christian organizations submit to the annual collective testimony of accountability before God and man.

Through accreditation by the ECFA, we demonstrate our commitment to biblical excellence and accountability.  Because we faithfully adhere to ECFA Standards, we have earned the right to display the ECFA seal on all our literature.  This seal tells our friends, supporters, and constituents that our ministry upholds high standards – not only in work, but also in deed.  Click
HERE to learn more about what ECFA means.

Questions?  Please contact Samantha Geer at (425) 888-4800