Leadership Team


Don Ross

Network Leader

Dave Cole

Associate Network Leader
Assistant Superintendent

Don Detrick

Associate Network Leader

Beth Backes

Credentialing &
Pastoral Care Director

Micah Cruger

Youth Ministries Director

Josh Wood

Children's Ministries Director

Greg Stern

Senior Director
Operations and Finance

Support Team

Tammy Payne

Executive Assistant to Don Ross

Marianne Giberson

Executive Assistant to Dave Cole

Krystal Wornell

Assistant to Dave Cole
Missions & Events

Kim Wigestrand

Executive Assistant to Don Detrick

Teresa Bates

Credentials Specialist

Sara Wren

Graphics & Assistant
to Women's Ministries

Brittney Ellithorpe

Assistant to Micah Cruger
Youth Ministries Director

Ashlee Best

Assistant to Josh Wood
Children's Ministries Director

Theresa Thacker

Human Resources Specialist

Greg Backes

Media Producer/Director

Maria Dugdale

Accounting Manager

Barbara Williams

Accounts Payable Specialist

Samantha Geer

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Teresa Brown

Operations Specialist

Elizabeth Williams

Office Support Assistant