Annual Church Ministries Report (ACMR) will be mailed from General Council by December 31, 2020. Your filling out this report means a great deal to our Network! The ACMR is a tool we use to assess our current situation, identify trends, and better serve the churches in our Network. The ACMR is also our mode to see if we are on target with our mission.

We expect that attendance figures will be lower nationally because of the pandemic, and would like to have a good picture of how that impacted our churches in all ways for our historical records. ACMR data is never used nor intended to shame or blame anyone. They just provide a snapshot of the stats for the year. We all understand the impact of the pandemic, greater on some communities and churches than others. 

Please help us with tracking our progress by completing the ACMR.

 If your church has an AG Passport Account you can submit the ACMR report online.

  • You will need your church's 7-digit GPH account number to begin the online form.
  • If you do not have an AGPassport Account or know your username please follow the prompts
  • NOTE: The username can be found at the bottom of the e-mail you received from General Council or on the printed ACMR hard copy you received in the mail.
To complete your ACMR form online now CLICK HERE.

Important Info:

  • Parent Affiliated Churches (PACs) are now encouraged to submit an ACMR with their data.
  • Parent Churches should report their total attendance in all campuses on line 2 and use that number if they wish. They should also report the attendance for their main campus and each PAC in those related questions.
  • Hard copies were mailed out by GC the last week of December and should be arriving soon.

Pay close attention to the following:

  • Major Worship Service Attendance (#1) - all persons, including all children present during the Major worship service(s), including children's church.
  • Discipleship System (#7) - include small groups, Sunday school classes, discipleship training classes, etc.
  • Water Baptisms (#10) - include people of all ages.
  • Spirit Baptisms (#11) - include people of all ages.

ACMRs are due submitted/postmarked no later than January 31, 2021. Your prompt attention to completing the ACMR is greatly appreciated!

For AGPassport username questions please contact the General Secretary's office at General Council.
For general ACMR questions please contact Krystal Wornell at the Network office.