Chris Harrell

Scotty Smiley

Steve Zakuani


Virgil Brown

Winning at Money
Did you know that God deeply cares about your finances? The Bible has 2,350 verses on money and possessions. If the Bible has so much to say about the topic, why do we struggle with finances? Come hear what God has to say about your money! This could change your life forever!

Andy Pursley

The Courageous Family
A courageous family begins and ends with a courageous man. In a day and age of moral confusion and pressure to conform or be condemned, the courageous man need not hide his family from societal misguidance that is knocking at his door; rather, he gladly opens the door and confidently exposes his neighborhood to the truth of his family. Let's unpack the power and presence of a courageous man who makes his home his field of dreams.

Jeffery Portmann

Influence - use it or lose it
Everyone has influence. Understanding this is one thing, utilizing your influence for God's glory and to impact those around you is another. As a man, we have many roles: husband, father, brother, son, employee, boss, and leader. We'll discover how to lean into and leverage these God given roles this weekend! 

Ray Jennings

Finding Your Rhythm
Discovering biblical truths for life application. One size does not fit all when approaching daily devotions. Discover and enjoy what best works for you!