Credentialing with the Assemblies of God

We are excited that you are taking the next step on your ministry journey by applying for a ministerial credential through the Northwest Ministry Network! Please review the educational requirements and proper motives for credentialing. If you are a non-English speaking applicant or have any additional questions, our Credentials Specialist, Teresa Bates, can answer any questions you may have and is available to walk with you through each step of the process. 

Submit the Credential Application and Supporting Documents to the Credentials Specialist at the Northwest Ministry Network via mail or email before one of our two yearly deadlines (June 1 or October 1) along with:

  • $150 Application Fee - pay by check or online
  • Educational Transcripts
  • Copy of your Social Security Card

If you or your spouse have experienced a divorce please contact our Credentials Specialist, prior to submitting an application. 


Review the Levels of Credentials


Please download and email the Reference Forms to all the references listed on your application. Three ordained AG minister references (one must include your senior pastor), three friend references, and two employer references. Please have your references send the completed forms directly to the Credentials Specialist via email (, fax (425-888-4848) or mail (address below). 

Reference Forms



Once the application and supporting documents are received, you will be emailed with the details for your exam, including study guides to help you prepare for the exam (the first week of August or November).


After you have successfully completed the exam, your Regional Leader will contact you to arrange an interview date (the last week of September or January).


Following your interview, the Regional and Area Leaders will vote to make a recommendation for your credential. Upon recommendation, your application will be sent to the General Council office for final approval. You can expect to receive your offical credential card and welcome packet in the mail within 4-8 weeks once the General Council has approved your credential. You will also receive an invitation to the New Minister's Connection, a mandatory orientation for newly credentialed ministers that is held annually in conjunction with our Network Conference. 

QUESTIONS: Teresa Bates, Credentials Specialist