Applicants who desire to reinstate a ministerial credential must submit the following documents along with a $100 reinstatement fee ($50 payable to the NWMN and $50 payable to General Council):


Reinstatement Guidelines

  • If a minister reintates within the first three months of the calendar year after lapsing, General Council dues from the previous year must be fullfilled.

  • If a credential has lapsed for two years or more, an interview is required and References from 4 Ordained Minister's will need to be submitted with the application and supporting documents. 

  • If a credential has lapsed for over seven years, the exam is required.

  • If the credential lapsed or was resigned in a District other than the Northwest Ministry Network, a letter of good standing from the previous District should be submitted with the reinstatement application.


Please contact Elaine Jones, Credentials Specialist, 425-888-4800 or