Take your Ministry to a New Level

Upgrading your credential is a great way to sharpen your skill set through ongoing education while moving toward the biblical precedent for ordination. If you've ever wondered why you should get ordained, click here for a brief explanation. The details for upgrading your credential are below:



Submit the Upgrade to License Application or Upgrade to Ordination Application and Supporting Documents (mail or email) to Elaine Jones, Credentials Specialist along with:

  • $150 application fee (online or check)

  • Copy of your social security card 

(Application deadlines are June 1 and October 1 each year)



For those upgrading to license, three ordained AG minister references (if applying at the license level, one must include your senior pastor), three friend references, and two employer references are needed. For those upgrading to ordination, four ordained AG minister references are needed. Please email those on your application the corresponding links below. Their completed forms will be directly emailed to Elaine Jones, Credentials Specialist.

Reference Forms 


Once the application is received and reviewed, you will be emailed the details for your exam, including study guides to help you prepare (first week of August or November).


After the exam is complete, your Regional Leader will contact you to schedule your interview (last week of September or January).


The Regional and Area Leaders will meet and vote on your application. If approved, your application is sent to the General Council office for final approval. For license level applicants, it can take up to 8 weeks for your official fellowship card to be mailed to you. For ordination applicants, you will receive your fellowship card at the ordination service during Network Conference in April. 



Please contact Elaine Jones, Credentials Specialist, 425-888-4800 or elainej@northwestministry.com