Open Church List

This Open Church List provides information about Network churches engaged in a pastoral search process or who have recently elected a new pastor. Please Note: applicants must be credentialed Assemblies of God ministers.

General Council Affiliated Church Openings

Bremerton, Discovery Fellowship - 05.2021
1305 Ironside Ave
Bremerton, WA 98310
Area: West Sound
NWMN Team Member Contact - Josh Sperry
Resumes to: Mary Ann Liebmann, 360-440-5983

Harrah, Harrah Assembly of God - 04.2021
PO Box 29
Harrah, WA 98933
AREA: Columbia Basin
NWMN Team Member Contact - Don Detrick
Resumes to: Sandi Whitefoot, 505-366-8474

Hartline, Hartline Assembly of God - 10.2020
PO Box 96
Hartline, WA 99135
Area: Columbia Basin
NWMN Team Member Contact - Dave Cole
Resumes to: Matt Baergen, 509-641-0452

Malone, Malone Assembly of God - 02.2021
PO Box 983
Malone, WA 98559
AREA: Captial
NWMN Team Member Contact - Don Detrick
Resumes to: Jimmy Burnett, Board President
360-589-8487 (home phone)

Mineral, Mineral Neighborhood Church - 02.2021
PO Box 157
Mineral, WA 98355
AREA: Mount Rainier
NWMN Team Member - Zack Cash
Resumes to: Michael Gordon
206-390-2578 (cell phone)

Moses Lake, Generations Church - 12.2020
431 E Brown Ave
Moses Lake, WA 98837
AREA: Columbia Basin
NWMN Team Member - Don Detrick
Resumes to: Paul Peters
509-770-3140 (cell)

Network Affiliated Church Openings

Craigmont, Prairie Assembly of God - 09.2020
PO Box 367 
Craigmont, ID 83523
AREA: Snake River
NWMN Team Contact - Dave Cole
Area Leader/Advisory Contact: Jay Norman
Resumes to: Dave Cole

Parent Affiliated Church Openings

None at this time.

Recently Filled
Church Openings

    Church Name   Filled   New Pastor
   Arlington, Arlington Assembly of God  October 2020  Sam Spano
   Bellevue, The Neighborhood Church   June 2020  Eric Wade
    Chewelah, Faith Community Church  October 2020  Scott Hoberg 
    Eatonville, Daybreak Community Church    November 2020  Tim Greeley
  Hoquiam, Copalis Crossing AG   
 April 2021  Ryan Bell
    Lakewood, Oasis Church   June 2020  Steven Owens
    Loon Lake, Loon Lake Assembly of God   February 2021  Frank Davis
    Lyle, Lyle Celebration Center  September  2020     Micah Smith
    Redmond, Redmond Assembly of God     November 2020   Brandon Jones 
    Sultan, Mountainview AG   June 2020   Adam Sullivan      
    Wellpinit, Fruitland West Assembly of God    February 2021   Russ Tappero