Coaching for New Ministers

Have you received your ministry credentials with the
Northwest Ministry Network within the past 12 months? 

You might be a recent ministry graduate or a seasoned minister with years of experience under your belt... or both! Whatever your background, we believe that God has you on this credentialing journey for a purpose and we want to affirm and support you in this calling.

One way that we would like to partner with you as you move forward with your ministry is to invite you to complete six sessions of coaching with a trained Personal Leadership Coach. The NWMN will pay the full cost for  these coaching sessions. 

The first few months of credentialed ministry are a crucial time and the NWMN is strategically investing in our newly credentialed ministers from the beginning. Each newly credentialed minister is invited to select a coach. You will meet with your coach twice a month, usually by phone for about an hour. You will bring a topic from your life or ministry and your coach will actively listen, ask powerful questions, and give honest feedback in order to help you focus, gain clarity, and achieve momentum.