Have you ever watched a Talk Show and wished there was one for Ministry Wives? Well, here it is! Off-Script with Debbie – a fun video series that looks at the different and unique aspects of being a ministry wife. This is for YOU! 


Episode 1

Ministry wives – this video is for YOU! Do you ever feel like a single mom on Sundays? Mixing parenting and ministry can be difficult, in any stage of life. Hear some great encouragement from other ministry wives that are doing it, enjoying it and have survived it! You are not ALONE! 

Episode 2

A lot of ministry wives struggle with loneliness. Maybe the answer to their struggle is right in their church. Watch episode 2 and see how one ministry wife found friendship from within….

Episode 3

“If He’s the Pastor – What am I?” #youwantmetodowhat - The role of a ministry wife is not defined…it looks different for each person. Watch episode 3 to see how three ministry wives; a young mother, an entrepreneur and a church planter are finding their purpose beyond the role of ministry wife.

Episode 4

“Mr. and Mrs. in Ministry” #iamsleepingwiththepastor -  Having conversations about your finances can actually strengthen your marriage…who knew? Watch episode 4 and hear from Dr. Renee Bourdeaux about communication in your marriage. You don’t want to miss this one!

Episode 5

DIY – Are you physically, emotionally or spiritually exhausted? Join me as we listen to 3 experts in these fields and learn how you can care for yourself so you can be a better YOU!

Episode 6

If you could write a letter to your younger self…what would you say? Hear from Jodi Detrick – a friend, author and pastor’s wife…as she shares her letter to her younger self!