About NWMN Emergency Response & Preparedness

Psalm 46:1 - God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble

The Northwest Ministry Network recognizes the importance for our churches and ministers to have the resources and aid available to help assist communities in times of trouble. It is a necessity that churches are invovled to aid the Northwest in times of crisis. 

It is our desire to help train, prepare, and equip churches to respond to critical incidents and have the organizational resources needed in order to do so.

By creating and starting a list of the resources your church has available and letting our offices know, we as a Network can better mobilize during critical incidences. It is a valuable way to also obtain resources and attend training events held Network wide.


Community Chaplains Training Available

Chaplaincy serves practical needs both in the church and the community. Christ Center Cashmere holds training meetings and deploy their chaplains in a wide range of services. Christ Center, in partnership with the Northwest Ministry Network, invites you to a training that will help you to know how to be a responsive neighbor. 

Chaplaincy Training will prepare those who would like to be equipped with practical skills for responding to those in need.

Visit Christ Center Cashmere today for more information and to register. Or click here for the full brochure with information.


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Emergency Preparedness

Church Security

Protect Your Church from Crime & Violence

ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) Training

- Tim Greeley may be contacted for additional questions for church security