Here is a list of workshops that will be available throughout the conference:

Creating a Healthy Culture | Kevin Geer

Becoming Self-Aware | Josh Wood

Connecting with Generation Z | Micah Cruger

Creating an Awesome Kids Environment | Chelsey Jones

How to Win with Personal Finance | Chad Alvarado

Leading Up: Working with Your Lead Pastor | Jeff Duchemin

How to Make Being Bi-Vocational in Ministry Not Suck | Matt Alexander

Classroom Management for Early Childhood | Chantel Rohr

Being Your Kids Leader's Dream Team Member | Noah Naipo

Discussions and Considerations on Gender Identity | Erik Brennecke & Melissa Jensen

Being a Bridge Builder |  Amy Howarth

What is Fusion Children's Leadership Conference?                  
Fusion Children's Leadership Conference is an environment designed for lay workers, part-time children's pastors, and full-time children's pastors to come together for a renewing time of great worship, breakout sessions, and inspirational messages. This event is a great way to network with other children's workers and to make new friends in the wonderful world of children's ministry!
Take advantage of this strategic opportunity. Fusion is a conference where Children's Leaders, Children's Pastors, and Volunteers come together to be encouraged, challenged, and refreshed. In this type of environment, Leaders are able to connect with others that share the same passion for ministry, yet deal with the same challenges. Leaders leave excited about serving in their churches and with the desire to bring others around them.



Linsey Conlogue, Fusion Conference Coordinator

Ashlee Best, Administrative Assistant to the NWMN Children's Department