What is Junior Bible Quiz?

Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) was created and designed to help children develop a love for the Bible and an understanding that its truth can guide their lives daily. Junior Bible Quiz offers a fun, exciting way to motivate children to understand the all-important truth in God’s Word. Through cooperative learning, children work together on teams to learn and understand the questions and answers from the Bible Fact-Pak. Then using cooperative competition the children meet with other teams for a fun quizzing match. There are twenty questions in a match, with two teams of quizzers trying to beat each other to the buzzers to get the first shot at the answers. It has been said that JBQ is the fastest growing discipleship program in children’s ministry.
Fuller Theological Seminary recently reported that 75% of the children in our churches nationwide leave the church before age 14. A separate study by George Barna shows that fewer than one-third of all teenagers are likely to attend a Christian church once they are living independent of their parents.

Is there a program that will help keep more of our children in the church tomorrow? The answer is definitely YES! The Illinois District A/G recently conducted their own survey and found that over 90% of former quizzers are still in the church today. Junior Bible Quiz helps ground children in the doctrinal beliefs of the church and teaches them not only what they believe, but why they believe it.

Junior Bible Quiz is a fun, exiting way to motivate children to learn God’s Word. Any child who has gone through the entire JBQ program and earned his/her Masters seal has memorized more than 300 facts about the Bible including the highlights of Bible history and the books of the Bible in order. They are able to quote 90 of the most important passages of the Word, including the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the plan of salvation, the fruit of the Spirit, and many important doctrinal proof texts.

In addition to memorizing the Word of God, Junior Bible Quiz also provides other important benefits to those involved in the program:
  • Children love to compete. JBQ helps teach proper competition. It helps teach children how to win humbly and lose graciously.
  • JBQ helps provide a way for parents to spend quality time with their children. What better way to be together than to study God’s Word together?
  • JBQ teaches discipline. It is not unusual to see a student improve in schoolwork, behavior, and relationships through their involvement it JBQ.

For more information, visit the JBQ national website   


Michelle Buxton, JBQ Coordinator