The Northwest Ministry Network exists to bring the hope of Jesus to our communities. These communities are both in the Pacific Northwest and around the world! Kid Missionary Challenge (KMC) provides resources to bring missions to life by developing a heart of generosity in kids ministry! 

KMC is the Northwest Ministry Network Children's Department's branch of the Assemblies of God national children's missions campaign, BGMC. To learn more about the national program, click the link:

How does it work?

You can choose to partner with our seasonal Project Guide or give to the KMC Critical Needs Fund throughout the year. Our Project Guides (explained in detail below) present an opportunity for partnership with a specific missionary, via designated giving, culturally specific prayer, and similar serving opportunities. 

As your committment is an agreement between you and God, it is understood that you may revise it at any time. Once a need is met, we reserve the privilege of redirecting funds to the BGMC Critical Needs Account. If the pledged amount is not met, BGMC reserves the right to redirect the church or district's designated funds. 

Project Guides

Three times a year, we will produce a Project Guide for you to utilize, adapt, and reproduce in your kids ministry. These Project Guides will focus on one missionary in a particular country and have a season of emphasis (spring, summer, or fall). As the Network of NWKids, we will join together in sponsorship of the current, featured missionary by giving, praying, and serving.

Give, Pray, Serve (GPS)

One of the ways a heart of generosity can be measured is through a few actionable items: how are the kids in your ministry giving? how are they praying? how are they serving? We want to measure the effectiveness of a child's missional heart through their own desire to give, their own desire to pray, and their own desire to serve.

First, the Project Guide provides the tools to financially give to the project. Each project will feature an AG sponsored missionary and will set a goal of donation. Once the goal is met, remaining funds will be filtered to KMC and donated towards critical needs -- such as food, Bibles, water, clothes, medicine, shelter -- for missionaries on the field.

Secondly, we will provide stories, pictures, and cultural context from missionaries, bringing missions alive and inspiring in children the desire to pray for missionaries, out of an attitude of deeper understanding. We recognize that missions can seem like a large, untouchable concept for a child to grasp, so we want to make it relatable and recognizable to them, so they can see that they have the authority to pray for a missionary, just like they would pray for a friend. 

Thirdly, we will provide suggestions for serving opportunities. Our hope is that a student will not only be inspired to give to and pray for missionaries, but also to pattern their own lives after missionaries' example of service. Serving opportunities will need to be fostered and created in your own context and church culture, but we will provide some practical, easy to execute examples. 

How you can be a part:

We want to partner with you in our Kids Missionary Challenge. What does that mean?

1. Commit to joining the team:
  • Use the resources
  • Give towards the featured project
  • Create serving opportunities in your ministry 
2. Tell us your stories
  • What is happening in your kids ministry?
  • How are you seeing a heart of generosity develop?
3. Come to KMC sponsored events
A few times a year we will host KMC sponsored events, where we highlight your stories, missionary stories, and cast vision for the future of KMC. Be on the lookout to attend these events as a kids ministry leadership team and give us your feedback for how we can make KMC more impactful!


KMC Project Guide

Project Guides (PG) are to be used and reproduced in your ministry. Each PG focuses on a different missionary, in a different country. The PG interviews the missionary, tells more about the country, and lists ways to give, pray, and serve toward the ministry. This brings missions to a "real life," easy to understand level for your kids ministry. Use it for teaching, curriculum, or a missions emphasis in your ministry. Download the current season's Project Guides below.  

Fall PG - Weston and Allison Stover
Goal: $10,000


KMC Project Guide Archive

Download past Project Guides

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