What is Royal Rangers?
Royal Rangers is an adventure-packed, achievement-based club program for boys from the age of five through high school.
Our goal is to provide you with the services, information and resources you need to meet the needs of the boys and men in the churches of your community. We value your feedback on how this tool could better accomplish this goal.

The Mission of Royal Rangers is:
  • To reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ! Our PurposeTo evangelize boys for Christ
  • To develop the total boy for Christ (spiritually, physically, mentally and socially)
  • To keep boys in our churches

Our Aim
  • To instruct, challenge and inspire our boys in the areas of Bible doctrine, Christian service, moral conduct and basic beliefs of our church through interesting activities boys enjoy.

Our Goals
  • To instruct in Bible Doctrine. When a boy completes this program he should have a basic knowledge of what the Bible teaches.
  • To challenge for Christian service. When a boy completes this program he should be ready to take his place in the area of Christian service where God wants him to be
  • To inspire a belief in the fundamental beliefs of our church. When a boy completes this program he should be Christian in belief for the remainder of his life.
  • To satisfy the boy's basic need for activity. A boy engaged in this program should have enough interesting activities to do to prevent him from being tempted to engage in unwholesome activities. 

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Ranger Camp

JULY 11-14, 2018 
Three days of fun and adventure in the Son! Beautiful pine trees and meadows set in the Cascade Mountains. Activities galore for boys of all ages. Exciting spirit-filled ministry that changes lives of boys and men alike. The Northwest Ministry Network Ranger Camp continues to provide excellent opportunities for boys to encounter Jesus for the past 30 years.

While Ranger Camp is the annual Royal Ranger camp out for the Northwest Ministry Network, any boy is welcome to attend camp with their outpost or church, regardless of whether or not they are a Ranger. If you're looking for a boy's ministry event that is effective, then this is it!

  • Excellent Value
  • Quality Ministry
  • Low Cost
  • Age Group Focused
  • Tons of Activities

Chartered Outposts

         Early Registration: $85
               Due by: June 21st 
         Late / On-Site Registration: $100 
               Anything submitted and / or postmarked AFTER June 21st 

Unchartered Outposts

         Early Registration: $100
               Due by: June 21st
         Late / On-Site Registration: $115
               Anything submitted and / or postmarked AFTER June 21st


Registration is not complete until the following forms are completed and mailed in with payment to the Network Offices:
        Emergency Medical Form
        Liability Release Form
        Certificate of Compliance - Church Leaders
        Registration Form - If not filling it out online

Mail completed registration forms to:

Gary Kirckof
Attn: Royal Ranger Camp
PO Box 4043
Yakima, WA 98904
*All your promotional and registration information forms can be found below. 

*Important Information: Shirt product may vary from the displayed design


Gary Kirckof, Ranger Camp Coordinator

Shawn Backus, Royal Rangers Coordinator