Miss a workshop or general session at Summit 2018? No problem! Catch up on all the incredible teachings from Heath Adamson, Terry Parkman, and many MORE!

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General Session 1 | Heath Adamson

Unlearning and the Church | Jesus gives permission to unlearn what we think we know about the Church. There are some things, however, that never change. Knowing what remains constant and what evolves is paramount to ensure we do not become successful at what, in the end, does not matter.

General Session 2 | Micahn Carter 

Pastor Micahn Carter has been the Lead Pastor of Together Church for 13 years and is on a mission to Make It Impossible for People to Not Know Jesus. Together Church began with 50 people in roughest part of the city and is now a few thousand people in 3 locations. He is determined to use any influence he has been given to build people.

General Session 3 | Terry Parkman

Meet Generation Z | Dive in with Terry Parkman, as he teaches on the current generation.

General Session 4 | Micah Cruger

Autopsy of a Dreamer | Join Micah Cruger as communicates characteristics of a dreamer.

General Session 5 | Heath Adamson

Who Told You That? | Identity is crucial to our core. Insecure leaders sabotage the Kingdom of God. We are invited to thrive as sons and daughters of our King. This session will give you permission to be yourself; after all, God does not anoint who you pretend to be.

General Session 6 | Terry Parkman

Awaken Wonder |  Join Terry for one last session that will inspire you to "Awaken Wonder" in your heart and ministry once again. 

Speaker Q & A

Join Heath Adamson, Terry Parkman, and Micah Cruger in a Q & A, hosted by Josh Jamison.

Volunteer Like a Pro | Nick Steinloski

During this interactive, we will discover the tools necessary to volunteer like a pro.

High-Five Leadership | Matt Harder

There are many principles that make up a great youth ministry, but Pastor Matt believes there are 5 essential practices that set you up for a movement in your church and community.


Marriage, Ministry, and Parenting | The Crugers

Ministry is complicated, marriage is complicated, and parenting is complicated, but thriving in all three isn't impossible. Learn with us what to do and what not to do, no matter what season you're in.

God's Ways | Heath Adamson

Psalm 103 distinguishes between God’s ways and His acts. For the previous twenty years in ministry, certain patterns have emerged in how God’s Kingdom advances. From a personal perspective, we will look at a few of those.

Unpacking Generation Z | Terry Parkman

If you’re talking about how to reach Millennials in your ministry, it’s too late. The conversation that we all should be focusing on is how to reach the generation that comes next. Why? Because they are already shaping the way we do ministry, and if we as leaders can get ahead of this generational shift, then we can pioneer how an entire generation advances the Kingdom of Christ. In this Interactive, we will discuss defining qualities of Generation Z, how they are already affecting ministry, and practical steps for shaping your ministry to reach this upcoming generation.

All Students are NOT the Same | Mark Schaufler

Understand Nine key differences so you can make your share of disciples with the students you have.

Influence Over Position | Andrew Tolson

This interactive will look at what it means to lead with influence over position. No matter what spot you fill on the team, it doesn't take a title to have influence.

ALL-ways Teams | Josh Wood

As a leader, you shouldn't be doing it all. Let's talk about building effective teams in order to accomplish all that you're tasked with and dreaming about!