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Chris Schneider | Argentina

Chris and Heather are working with Argentines to continue planting the first new Assembly of God churches in Jujuy, Argentina in more than 25 years. The northwest region is less than .5% Evangelical Christian and is considered an unreached area. The Schneiders served as youth and associate pastors for nearly 20 years before going into full-time foreign missions.

Need $4,000

Alan Ambrose | Austria

We care about students and are passionate about University ministry in Austria. An essential starting place for our ministry is relationships. All ministry flows from relationships. As students experience Christ and tlive transformed lives through discipling relationships they are empowered and released to live out God’s purpose for them to impact culture and generations.

Need $4,000

Glen Johnsen | Belgium

My wife Dana and I have just celebrated 20 years of missionary ministry here at the Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium.  It is a vital part of Pentecostal pastoral training for all of Europe and we are thrilled and privileged to be a part of it. I serve as Director of Student Life, Director of Music and serve on the Seminary Leadership Team. My wife Dana also works with our Master's degree program as a coordinator of communications and records in the Academic Office.  We love being part of the equipping of so many young leaders!

Need $25,000

Jamie & Berley Bello | Dominican Republic

Our calling is to Change a Culture through a Generation.  We provide opportunities for teens and university students to find hope, purpose and empowerment to BE the difference --becoming true catalysts for transformation in their society.

Our strategy includes mentoring students & leaders, mobilizing students to action, modeling team leadership, and developing care strategies for community engagement, fighting for purity, and prevention of human trafficking.

Need $7,125

Dr. Michael & Chef Denise Mills | Ecuador

Denise and I are giving our lives away to the people of Uruguay. They are the first AG missionaries in the history of Uruguay to live and work in the interior of Uruguay. Uruguay is known as the "graveyard of missions." We just believe that Jesus does miracles in graveyards...which we are experiencing! Dr Michael Mills is applying his education to train leaders through ISUM and Facultad, in many nations. He is also discipling an army of leaders, to disciple other leaders, who will win and train other disciples. Chef Denise is using her professional talents, using food to evangelize. Soon, she will be cooking for the mayor of Salto, Uruguay, and two past presidents of Uruguay.

Need $28,000

John Koeshall | Germany

This is our mission: To plant a Students for Christ group in every University city of Germany, to disciple the believer, and to reach the pre-Christian.

We LOVE what we do! God is reaching, training, and sending out students to be business leaders, teachers, missionaries, and scientists all over the world.

Need $33,000

Josiah & Kayla Bridgewater | Malawi

Malawi is a beautiful country with vast landscapes in Southeast Africa. Although it is small in size, Malawi is large in heart. In fact, Malawi is known as the “warm heart of Africa.” Malawi is one of the poorest nations on earth with 71% of the population living on less than $1.90/day. Due to AIDS and other poverty causing sicknesses, Malawi is an extremely young country with 67% age 24 or younger and 50% under the age of 15. There is still much to celebrate. Revival is breaking out across Malawi and the church is growing. However, the need for effective children’s ministry has never been greater.

Need $50,000

Weston & Allison Stover | Mozambique

We want Jesus to transform the culture of leadership in Mozambique!

We endeavor to instill a culture of hope and integrity by empowering university students to transform Mozambique through leadership development, discipleship, and church planting.

Currently we are working with a student leadership group of over 70 students on 30 university campuses. God is moving powerfully.

Need $50,000

"D" | Sensitive Strategic Partner

Need $5000

"W" | Sensitive Strategic Partner

Need $5000