Northwest Missions


The Purpose of the Northwest Missions Department is to strengthen and empower Network Affiliated (fomerly Home Missions) churches, ministries, and leaders through:

  • Providing Leadership to Network Affiliated Churches: (1) Assisting Network Affiliated churches in developing a sovereignty plan to include development of leaders, development of members, and development of stewardship / finance. (2) Assisting pastors and churches with short term grants to help with emergencies and building repairs and construction. (3) Assisting General Council Affiliated Churches to temporarily transition to Network Affiliation as necessary when undergoing Northwest Ministry Network intervention.
  • Networking with Intercultural Ministries: The Intercultural Facilitator is appointed by the Northwest Missions Director and the Network Superintendent to help ethnic and language groups/pastors overcome language barriers, credentialing and financial issues. He or she will be directly responsible to the Northwest Missions Director.
  • Networking with Chaplains: The Northwest Missions Department networks with area chaplains, including but not limited to military, hospital, law enforcement, airport, prison, motorcycle and Civil Air Patrol.
  • Networking with Chi Alpha Ministries: The Northwest Missions Department works closely with Chi Alpha directors in the Northwest Ministry Network.
  • Networking with Teen Challenge: The Northwest Missions Department will network with Northwest Teen Challenge centers and with the National Assemblies of God U.S. Missions Department for efficiency, development, and growth.