Northwest Missions


The Purpose of the Northwest Missions Department is to strengthen and empower Network Affiliated (fomerly Home Missions) churches, ministries, and leaders through:

  • Providing Leadership to Network Affiliated Churches:
    • Assisting Network Affiliated churches in developing a sovereignty plan to include development of leaders, development of members, and development of stewardship/finances.
    • Assisting pastors and churches with short term grants to help with emergencies and building repairs and construction.
    • Assisting General Council Affiliated Churches to temporarily transition to Network Affiliation as necessary when undergoing Northwest Ministry Network intervention.
  • Networking with Intercultural Ministries:
    • The Intercultural Facilitator is appointed by the Northwest Missions Director and the Network Superintendent to help ethnic and language groups/pastors overcome language barriers, credentialing and financial issues.
    • He or she will be directly responsible to the Northwest Missions Director.
  • Networking with Chaplains:
    • The Northwest Missions Department networks with area chaplains, including but not limited to military, hospital, law enforcement, airport, prison, motorcycle and Civil Air Patrol.
  • Networking with Chi Alpha Ministries:
    • The Northwest Missions Department works closely with Chi Alpha directors in the Northwest Ministry Network.
  • Networking with Teen Challenge:
    • The Northwest Missions Department will network with Northwest Teen Challenge centers and with the National Assemblies of God U.S. Missions Department for efficiency, development, and growth.